30 days on meat & water

I have created a blog to stay inspired and keep track of my new habit to this woe. This is my first day back on ZC. I fell off the boat about a month and a half, so now I am starting over. Let’s see how I do in the next 30 days. I am going to be brief on my posts so that it may help me focus on my mental adaptation to ZC.

Diet facts about me.

  • Suffered 10 years with Bulimia
  • Extreme “yo-yo” dieter
  • Carb addict
  • Started LCHF/Keto January 2016, stop & go

My list of goals with this woe.

  • Successfully get through 30 days
  • To continue moving forward after 30 days
  • Inspire others

Links of inspiration.


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